Lleyton Hewitt interview – about Peter Smith (from Virtual Tennis Coach)


Lleyton Hewitt, Matt Wright - January 2007


Interview with Lleyton Hewitt at the Adelaide ATP tour event January 2007

  • Former world No.1
  • US Open Champion 2001
  • Wimbledon Champion 2002
  • Pupil to Peter Smith aged 6 – 18 yrs


Matt Wright: “You and Peter obviously go back a long way – what are your recollections from the early stages of your association?”

Lleyton Hewitt: “Well I first started out with Peter when I would have been about six years old, so we went back a long way. I had Sunday morning coaching every Sunday for as long as I can ever remember. He was tough on me I guess in certain areas, but we had a lot of fun at the same time and in my mind he was the best technical coach out there.”


Matt Wright: “Obviously you have been enormously successful. What facets of your early development do you feel have contributed to this?”

Lleyton Hewitt: “I think my technique has always been very sound from a young age, so it’s been very easy for me just to develop as a player because I’ve had such a strong base from the start, and Peter had a lot to do with that. Obviously I had a little bit of talent on my side, but Peter had to try and work with that as much as possible. My two handed backhand has always been one of my main strength’s and I think that that was something that Peter had a lot to do with”.


Matt Wright: “You guy’s seem to have a strong on going relationship – what similarities do you share?”

Lleyton Hewitt: “I think were both perfectionists in a lot of ways. He always wanted to see the best out of his pupils, he wanted to see them improving and becoming better players, and for me as a player, I wanted to keep on improving and try and reach my goals. I was always on the phone to Peter when I was growing up playing junior tournaments around the world – he’s always been in my corner from a young age.”


Matt Wright: “In conclusion, as a former world No. 1 you must be a pretty good judge. What about a one-line assessment.”

Lleyton Hewitt: “He’s a great guy and he always has who ever he’s coaching interests at heart which is the main thing. He wants to see everyone improve and obviously I guess I’ve been able to take him on a pretty good ride as well, and I’m sure he sees a lot of satisfaction in the results I’ve had over the last the last ten / fifteen years.”


CLICK HERE to watch the interview with Lleyton

CLICK HERE to view Peter’s ‘The Development Stage’ DVD 


The Development Stage’ DVD Dedication:

 “This DVD is dedicated to two young men with whom I’ve enjoyed an enduring friendship. To Lleyton Hewitt, the best pupil and the best player that I have had the good fortune to be involved with, To Peter Carter, who was like a son to us and whose achievements in coaching, with Roger Federer, the Swiss Tennis Federation and the Swiss Davis Cup Team, I’m in awe of.”  

Peter Smith



Luke Smith, Brett Smith, Lleyton Hewitt, Peter Smith

Luke Smith, Brett Smith, Lleyton Hewitt, Peter Smith


Peter Carter, Luke Smith, Peter Smith, Lleyton Hewitt

Peter Carter, Luke Smith, Peter Smith, Lleyton Hewitt

Martin Stephens filming Lleyton Hewitt - Adelaide, January 2007


Lleyton Hewitt, Roger Rasheed - January 2007



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