Virtual Tennis Coach: Tennis Coaching DVD / Download lessons Review ACE Magazine

ACE Magazine August 2008

   ACE Magazine – Development Stage DVD review

   Issue 134 / August 2008



“Over the last 40 years Australian Peter Smith has produced many world class players. His debut coaching DVD looks at “The Development Stage” and provides simple, effective coaching advice for anyone interested in learning to play the game. As a tutorial for beginners and social improvers, this DVD is a sound investment, as the instruction is simple, easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to implement. The first in a new series of coaching DVD’s from Peter, this is an ideal investment for beginners”.

CLICK HERE to view ‘The Development Stage’ DVD









“In my mind he’s the best technical coach out there”

Lleyton Hewitt Former World No. 1, US Open and Wimbledon Champion

“There is a great argument to say that Peter Smith has had more influence than any coach in Australia in the past two decades in terms of producing world class players”

John Fitzgerald Former World No.1 (doubles), current Australian Davis Cup Captain





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